Bluetooth Speakers MD 7W - Connect to power

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Connect to power

The speakers can be powered by the
supplied charger or four AA batteries.

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Connect to wall outlet

To use the speakers with the charger,
connect the charger to a wall outlet,
and plug the charger cable to the
power connector.

If you use rechargeable batteries with
the speakers, the batteries are not
charged by the charger.

Install AA batteries

To install the batteries, ensure that
the speakers are switched off, and
press the release switch of the battery
cover at the back of each speaker. Lift
the cover.

Place the batteries as indicated in the
compartment. To close the cover,
insert the catch at the top of the cover
into the corresponding slot on the
speaker, and push the cover against
the speaker until it snaps into place.

During long periods where the
speakers are not used, remove the

batteries to prevent damage from
battery leakage.

When battery power is low, the orange
indicator light starts to flash, and the
speakers beep.