Bluetooth Speakers MD 7W - Connect the speakers

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Connect the speakers

You can connect the speakers to a
compatible music device (such as a
music player or mobile phone with a
music player feature) using Bluetooth
wireless technology or the supplied
cable. To use a Bluetooth connection,
the music device must support the
A2DP Bluetooth profile.

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Pair and connect using Bluetooth
wireless technology

The following instructions apply for a
mobile phone but the procedure is the
same for a music player, except that
you may not need to give the
Bluetooth passcode.

1. Ensure that the speakers are off

and that the phone is on.

2. Press and hold the power key until

the white indicator light starts to

3. Activate the Bluetooth feature on

the phone, and set it to search for
Bluetooth devices.

4. Select the speakers from the list of

found devices.

5. Enter the Bluetooth passcode

0000 to pair and connect the
speakers to the phone. In some
phones you may need to make the
connection separately after

If the pairing is successful and the
speakers are in a Bluetooth
connection with the music device, the
white indicator light flashes about
every 4 seconds.

Connect using a cable

You can connect the speakers to a
compatible device with the supplied
CA-63U cable.

To connect the speakers to a device
that has a standard 3.5 mm audio
connector, plug the cable into the
audio connector on the speakers and
the other device.

When the speakers are connected to
the other device using the cable, the
white indicator is continuously on.

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